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What’s the Difference Between Hybrids and EVs?

You might think that the battery pack of any electrified vehicle—hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or pure electric (BEV)—is pretty much the same, other than its size. But that overlooks two key differences in the way batteries are used in different types of electrified vehicles. First is the flow of electrical power in and out of the battery relative to its size. For example, during modest acceleration both types of electrified vehicles use a similar amount of power, just as during moderate deceleration, they might all each recover energy at a similar rate during regenerative braking.

Big part of the NZ Government’s 2030 strategy to reduce overall CO2 emissions is to cut the amount attributable to transport. To help achieve this, there’s a goal for the majority of motorists to move into electric cars.

Hybrid cars use an electric motor for power to accelerate and for speeds of up to approximately 25 km/h. As your speed increases, the petrol motor kicks in and, whenever you decelerate or use the brakes, the energy is stored in the battery for use later on. Hybrid cars don’t need to be plugged in to charge the battery.

Electric cars (BEVs), on the other hand, don’t use petrol at all and produce no exhaust emissions, have no clutch or gears, fewer moving parts, require less maintenance and are extremely quiet.

There’s also a third option, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) which are hybrid cars that can also be plugged in. These give you more electric powered driving range than a hybrid, as well as the convenience of a petrol motor that kicks in as needed or once the electric hybrid battery has depleted.

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