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Buying Lexus Parts in New Zealand


Buying Lexus Parts in New Zealand
Machines don’t have emotions, but a rare few can inspire them. Lexus inspires in large measure due to remarkable engineering. Preserve the original driving dynamics of your Lexus with Genuine Lexus Parts. Lexus OEM components uphold performance dynamics and precisely match the unique fitment of your Lexus. 

At JapEuro, we know what it takes to deliver a luxury car shopping experience that matches the excellence of the Lexus cars and SUVs we sell. As one of the first Lexus spare parts store in Auckland, our Japanese European Auto Parts has been in the business of excellence for over 20 years. We bring that passion and expertise to our Auckland community, and it’s why we have generations of Kiwi customers coming back time and time again.

Find a New or Used Lexus Parts for Less in Auckland, North Shore, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch & Other New Zealand Locations

If you are looking for a new and used Lexus parts and want to make sure you get one at a great price, come to Japanese car parts. Located just minutes south of Otara, Auckland, JapEuro is a family owned and operated Auckland car wrecking yard that has proudly served Auckland region since early 2000s. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts can assist you in finding the exact part you need, either in person or over the phone. Our new/used Lexus parts selection is one of the best in the area with used car parts for a variety of Lexus models, including Lexus ES, Lexus GS, Lexus LS, and Lexus RX. We also carry engines and transmissions for other makes and models of vehicles. So, whether you need a Lexus transmission, a Toyota transmission, an Nissan engine, you are sure to find it at JAPEURO at a low price.

We also sell parts for a range of foreign (Japanese, German) made cars, vans, trucks, and sports utility vehicles. Our inventory includes:

  • Headlamp assemblies
  • Body panels
  • Fuel tanks
  • Wheels & tires
  • Radiator components
  • Power steering components
  • And more


When you need new parts for your Lexus vehicle, it is a good idea to get genuine OEM Lexus parts. OEM parts are the same parts you find on new Lexus vehicles when they roll off the factory floor, and are more reliable and durable than aftermarket parts, get a free quote today.

Best Suited OEM Used Lexus Parts Online

At JapEuro, we carefully match your preferences and requirements against the used auto parts in our inventory to get you exactly the part you need to make your Lexus work like new. We offer any used OEM Lexus auto part online that you may require, but we specifically stock some that are in high demand. Most engines require a replacement within 30,000 kilometers, if your Lexus vehicle does too then we are the ones for you! We provide used engines that are tested and have a warranty of 1 year so that you can rest assured your replacement auto part will last.

ABS pumps also tend to present complaints of leakage and need to be replaced, we offer the best quality used Lexus ABS pumps for your vehicle. The Lexus ECM or ECU is another part that can fail due to programming issues or water damage, JapEuro Auto Part offers high quality Lexus ECMs to suit the need of your vehicle and are tested for durability. Lexus Transmissions are another commonly in demand used auto part and we stock them in great numbers so that we can help our customers whenever the need arises so that their car can be as good as new at the earliest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place online to buy used OEM Lexus parts?

You can easily find the part you need and verify its compatibility using our advanced part-search tools. No mechanic required! Order Lexus parts from us anytime, 24/7 at If you need assistance, experienced part specialists are standing by with access to part diagrams, catalogs, chassis codes, VIN decoders, and more, to help you find the exact OEM part you need.

Where can I find affordable OEM replacement parts with a warranty for my Lexus?

At JapEuro, we offer a wide range of Lexus parts with savings of up to 80% off new, and aftermarket prices. We stand behind everything we sell. Each part comes with a hassle-free, 1-Year Warranty at no extra charge to you. We are your safe and affordable alternative to buying unreliable junkyard or salvage yard parts for your Lexus.

Why are used OEM Lexus parts better than new or aftermarket?

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means, parts are made directly by Lexus, not a third party. Because they’re made to fit the specifications of your make and model, you can expect a perfect fit. New OEM parts, however, are not cheap. When you buy used Lexus parts with JapEuro, you get a quality product with significant savings off new MSRP.

Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are manufactured by a company other than Lexus. They are mass-produced and built to similar specifications, not necessarily exact ones, and so they may not offer a perfect fit. This makes used OEM parts the safer and most affordable option.


Located at 19 Birmingham Rd East Tamaki, 2013 Auckland, our convenient location makes it easy to find your next vehicle in Auckland. Pay us a visit or start shopping online today!